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Visit the ISRIC Soil Data Hub
ISRIC Soil Data Hub

Search and download ISRIC data sets. In collaboration with its partners, ISRIC has been working for over 50 years on compiling and harmonising data on soils and their properties. If you are looking for data from your area, country, or the entire globe, you have come to the right place.

Our Approach for Generating Open Soil Data

Learn how we are developing procedures for production of open soil data within our workstream on 'Soil Information Provisioning'.

'Wosis_latest' public profile data
WoSIS Soil Profile Database

ISRIC's central data base with soil class and property information from more than 210k soil profiles around the world.


SoilGrids is a system for automated soil mapping based on global soil profile and environmental covariate data at 250 m spatial resolution.

Library and Map Collection

Visit what is probably the largest soil library in the world. ISRIC provides online access to 8000 digitized maps and 15.000 reports and books.

World Soil Museum
World Soil Museum

Take a virtual tour through ISRIC's World Soil Museum and learn about the diversity and relevance of the soils of the world.

Soil-related Collections

ISRIC—World Soil information manages several collections that are unique in the world - from large monoliths to tiny thin sections.

WRB Soil Classification

Traditionally, ISRIC has a strong interest in soil classification and actively supports the World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB).

SOTER Databases

Get to know the World SOils and TERrain Database programme, and its digital counterpart, e-SOTER.

Like to Share?

Like to share? Your soil data could help to further advance the state of global soil information. Read here about our hosting offers and the ISRIC data policy.

Soil Geographic Databases

An overview of digital soil resources available outside our organisation. The focus is on soil information which is usable in a Geographic Information System (GIS), and available for free.