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Your soil data can contribute to improving world soil information!

Many organisations and individuals require access to quality-assessed soil data in a format that they can readily use. ISRIC aspires to serve such quality-assessed and standardised data freely to the international community, respecting any inherited restrictions (licenses) to the data. To do this for the world we strongly depend on your soil data contributions.  

Access to trusted soil data is needed to allow for production of consistent, derived soil information for the world. Examples of such efforts at ISRIC include the development of a world encompassing soil profiles database (WoSIS) which underpins collaborative global soil mapping (SoilGrids) and other, global and national, applications by third parties. ISRIC, as regular member of the ISC World Data System and in its role as WDC-Soils, is making the standardised data and information available to the world according to its data policy respecting the data restrictions specified by the data owners.


A wide range of partners is already sharing (parts of) their soil data with ISRIC to bring these under a common standard in the World Soil Information Service (WoSIS) for the greater benefit of the international community. However, there are still many soil-geographical and soil-analytical gaps in the standardised world soil profiles dataset, and thus uncertainties in the derived soil maps. We need you to help us filling such gaps!

We invite you to kindly share (parts of) your soil data for consideration in WoSIS in order to help further enhance the range and quality of, freely available, world soil information, including derived SoilGrids products. Data can be deposited using various formats (e.g., CSV, TSV, MS Excel, MS Access, PostgreSQL and similar), indicating the preferred license using the following template for sharing the data.

We acknowledge all data contributors on a dedicated webpage, as well as in the WoSIS-derived datasets through a unique 'dataset_code'.

The datasets you share with us will be safeguarded ‘as is’ in the ISRIC WDC-Soils data repository. Therewith, we guarantee protection of your data from being lost. The source data themselves are never re-distributed to third parties.

We welcome the following materials:

  • Analogue soil data collections, including soil studies and soil survey reports and maps, in either scanned or paper format.
  • Digital soil data collections, including metadata, that contain soil (profile) data. Upon their standardization, harmonization and inclusion into WoSIS the quality-assessed data will be made freely accessible to the international community via 'wosis_latest', this in compliance with the data license specified by each data provider. 



                          Scope of ISRIC WDC-Soils holdings


How may I share data?


  • Soil profile data: These may be shared by email either as an attachment or, for large datasets, by providing URL access. Basic principles for compiling/submitting a soil profile data set are given here
  • Paper maps and reports: Please send an email describing the collection so that we may assess how these would consolidate the world soil reference library holdings.

In all cases, we recommend you to contact us before submitting a dataset or legacy maps/reports; this in order to discuss technical details and possible duplications.

Contact: Soil profile data ; ISRIC Library collection ; Other materials