Re-cap: IUSS “Digital Soil Mapping” and “Global Soil Map” workshop

Share on: 15 Feb 2023

Photo credit: Le Studium

At the 2nd Joint workshop of the International Union of Soil Scientists (IUSS) working groups for “Digital Soil Mapping” and “Global Soil Map” from February 7-9, 2023, six ISRIC – World Soil Information staff made presentations. The theme for the workshop was “Soil Mapping for a Sustainable Future” and it took place in Orleans, France hosted at Le Studium Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies.

ISRIC Senior Digital Soil Mapping and Remote Sensing Expert Laura Poggio was co-chair of the event along with Dominique Arrouays from the Info&Sols unit of France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE). ISRIC Senior Researcher Gerard Heuvelink was on the scientific committee and many ISRIC staff made presentations.

ISRIC presentations at the meeting:

  • Keynote: Accounting for measurement errors in calibration and validation of DSM models, Gerard Heuvelink
  • Keynote: Including pedological knowledge in DSM: models, maps and evaluation. Is the missing element? Laura Poggio
  • Soils4Africa: A continent-wide sampling design for soil assessment and monitoring in Africa, Bas Kempen
  • Mapping of complex soil properties using global legacy data, Laura Poggio
  • A global map of solum thickness based on legacy data, Giulio Genova
  • Digital soil mapping with covariates at different resolution for Mongolia, Giulio Genova
  • The effect of uncertain calibration and validation soil data on the prediction accuracy of pedotransfer functions, Cynthia van Leeuwen
  • Improving cross-validation of soil maps in case of clustered calibration data, Gerard Heuvelink
  • Modelling multiple soil properties with multivariate random forest, Gerard Heuvelink
  • Spatial prediction of maize yields using QUEFTS from digital soil maps – a comparison of methods, Bas Kempen
  • Scaling of fertilizer recommendations for major crops in West Africa using digital soil maps; a proof of concept, Johan Leenaars

Access the full conference booklet here.