27 Feb 2020

New Geoderma paper on 'Assessing countrywide soil organic carbon stock using hybrid machine learning modelling and legacy soil data in Cameroon', by Francis B.T. Silatsaa, Martin Yemefack, Fritz O. Tabi , Gerard B.M. Heuvelink and Johan G.B. Leenaars.



26 Feb 2020

New paper in Geoderma on 'Extrapolation of a structural equation model for digital soil mapping ' by Angelini et al, with contributions from our colleagues Bas Kempen and Gerard Heuvelink.


26 Feb 2020

New paper on 'Rescue and renewal of legacy soil resource inventories in Iran as an input to digital soil mapping' in Geoderma Regional by Rasaei et al., including our guest researcher David Rossiter.  



17 Feb 2020

The Climate Food and Farming Network (CLIFF) and the Global Research Alliance (GRA) awards 54 PhD fellowships for 2021 on the measurement and management of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage in agricultural systems. Two opportunities are available at ISRIC: #1  - 'Advances in global mapping of soil carbon sequestration potential and links with drought conditions' and, #32 - 'Improved soil carbon mapping in sub-Saharan Africa to support soil fertility and climate mitigation studies. 

12 Feb 2020

New paper in Geoderma Regional on ‘Impressions of digital soil maps: The good, the not so good, and making them ever better’ by Dominique  Arrouays and others, including our colleague Laura Poggio. 

10 Feb 2020

New paper in Earth System Data Science on ‘Standardised soil profile data to support global mapping and modelling’ by our colleagues Niels Batjes, Eloi Ribeiro and Ad van Oostrum (https://doi.org/10.5194/essd-12-299-2020).


07 Feb 2020

New paper in Geoderma on ‘Model averaging for mapping topsoil organic carbon in France’ by Songchao Chen et al. with contributions from our colleagues Gerard Heuvelink and Laura Poggio.



03 Feb 2020

With its partners, ISRIC is developing a Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition Platform. The collaboration is aimed at developing and testing crop and site specific multi-nutrient fertiliser formulations at scale. Our colleagues Bas Kempen, Johan Leenaars and Rik van den Bosch are in Accra to discuss implementation for a new pilot area in Ghana. The new study will consider rainfed rice and maize in an area of over 20,000 km2 of cropland in the north, east and south of the country for which new soil maps will be created. The project will run for 2 to 3 years.

27 Jan 2020

Our guest researcher, Dr David Rossiter, gave a lecture on “Providing consistent information on the world’s soils” at the Cornell Soil Science and Crop Sciences Seminar (23 Jan. 2020), detailing the breadth of ISRIC's activities.

21 Jan 2020

Do you want to work with us on our mission to promote knowledge on soils for achieving the sustainable development goals (SDG)? ISRIC is looking for six new colleagues: Experienced Project Coordinator International (2x), Senior Specialist Sustainable Land Management, Digital Soil Mapping Specialist, Management Support Officer, and Specialist Community Management and External Communication.

You can still apply for the vacancy Specialist Community Management (Closing March 1st).