21 Aug 2020

New paper by Andri Baltensweiler, Gerard B.M. Heuvelink, Marc Hanewinkel and Loren Walther on 'Microtopography shapes soil pH in flysch regions across Switzerland' published in Geoderma.

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14 Aug 2020

New paper by Feng Liu, David G.Rossiter, Gan-Lin Zhang and De-ChengLi on 'A soil colour map of China' published in Geoderma.

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05 Aug 2020

Today we released an expanded webtool for visualising, querying and downloading of world soil data. The initial version, released in early 2020, focused on a new series of soil property maps generated using SoilGrids. In addition to this, the expanded version also presents the underpinning soil profile data as derived from WoSIS.



09 Jul 2020

ISRIC’s Soil Data Hub, our central location for searching and downloading digital soil data from around the world, has recently been updated in collaboration with GeoCat. The service is provided by ISRIC in its role of World Data Center for Soils, a regular member of the ICS World Data System.

02 Jul 2020

The Climate Food and Farming Network (CLIFF) and the Global Research Alliance (GRA) awarded scholarships to 57 PhD students to boost their scientific capability (CLIFF-Grads Round 4). Two of these positions will be hosted by ISRIC in 2021: Improved soil carbon mapping in sub-Saharan Africa to support soil fertility and climate mitigation studies (Azamat Suleymanov, (Russia) and  Advances in global mapping of soil carbon sequestration potential and links with drought conditions (Stephan van der Westhuizen, South Africa) .

30 Jun 2020

New paper in EJSS on ‘Machine learning in space and time for modelling soil organic carbon change’ by Gerard B. M. Heuvelink, Marcos E. Angelini, Laura Poggio, Zhanguo Bai, Niels H. Batjes, Rik van den Bosch, Deborah Bossio, Sergio Estella, Johannes Lehmann, Guillermo F. Olmedo, and Jonathan Sanderman. more


30 Jun 2020

New paper by Laura Poggio (ISRIC), Alessandro Gimona, Inge Aalders, Jane Morrice and Rupert Hough (James Hutton Institute) on ‘Legacy data for 3D modelling of peat properties with uncertainty estimation in Dava bog – Scotland’ published in Geoderma Regional.



29 Jun 2020

ISRIC would like to congratulate Professor A. (Tom) Veldkamp, valued member of the ISRIC Managing Board, with his new appointment as the Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente.

22 Jun 2020

As indicated earlier, services for SoilGrids version 2017 have been discontinued in view of the new release of SoilGrids version 2020.Data for the superseded SoilGrids version 2017 will remain available as geotiff at: https://files.isric.org/soilgrids/former/2017-03-10/data/ (Webdav service).

07 May 2020

After the release of the 2020 version of SoilGrids (see here for more details), a number of changes will happen to the soilgrids.org services and associated infrastructures. We are aware that these changes may have an impact on users of our services.