31 May 2022

On May 20, 2022, the 9th edition of ISRIC’s Spring School completed, this year offering a five-day course on Hands-on Digital Soil Mapping.

The course, held online, attracted 44 participants from 21 countries. The main topics covered included:

24 May 2022

SoilGrids v2.0 predictive map of soil pH in the 30-60 cm layer for central and southern Africa

In a recent issue of the journal Agriculture for Development, ISRIC – World Soil Information guest researcher David G. Rossiter published the article “Soil mapping today: computer-generated predictive soil maps – their role in soil survey and land evaluation.”

Access the article here.

20 May 2022

Nitrogen fertilizer applied as a base fertilizer before sowing in Zhejian province, China. Photo credit: Jinchuan Ma.

22 Apr 2022

The eye-catching building on the Wageningen University Campus of the World Soil Museum, representing a sod of tropical soil. Photo credit: M. Bink

19 Apr 2022

High altitude afforestation, such as this trench with recently planted pine seedlings (Pinus sylvatica) in Saralanj community in Armenia, is a sustainable land management practice described in the WOCAT database. Photo: Kirchmeir, H.

31 Mar 2022

SoilGrids is ISRIC – World Soil Information’s flagship system for global digital soil mapping. Every year, thousands of people access these open-access maps and download them for their own use and we want to know: how is SoilGrids working for you?

If you have used SoilGrids, please take a moment to fill out this short user survey: https://forms.office.com/r/Hmi1GCG7pn

29 Mar 2022

In February and March 2022, the World Soil Museum hosted a four-part online series called “Peatland Exchanges.” The series was initiated by the museum’s artist-in-residence Kate Foster in partnership with Wageningen University & Research’s Home Turf Project and WetFutures.

23 Feb 2022

A member of the HazArctic team at GTK creating a map of acid sulfate soil occurrences in the study area in Finland using online guidance by ISRIC. Image credit: Anton Boman.

15 Feb 2022

Clay content aggregated at 1000 m: this map is the result of resampling the mean SoilGrids 250 m predictions (Poggio et al. 2021) for each 1000 m grid cell

11 Feb 2022

Northern Karongi in Rwanda. Photo credit: Elie Ntirengaya

On Tuesday, January 25 a new project, Land Soil Crop Information Services (LSC Hubs), to support climate-smart agriculture in Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda held its public launch event online.