02 Jul 2021

Bertembos Forest, Belgium. Photo: ISRIC - World Soil Information

Forests cover approximately 35 percent of Europe, provide employment for 3.5 million people, generate € 500 billion revenue annually and absorb about 10 percent of Europe's annual greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainably managing forest soils, which underpin these key forest benefits, is key to caring for these important ecosystems.

16 Jun 2021

Photo by Kyle Spradley | © 2014 - Curators of the University of Missouri

High quality soil data are in demand, but eliminating sources of error in soil measurements is difficult. In a newly published European Journal of Soil Science paper, lead author and ISRIC PhD candidate Cynthia van Leeuwen analyzes the measurement error in wet chemistry soil data.

16 Jun 2021

After many months of limited access due to the coronavirus restrictions, we are happy to announce that the World Soil Museum will re-open on Wednesday, June 16 with its regular hours.

From June 16, 2021 onwards, the museum's opening hours for the general public are: Wednesday afternoons (13.30-17.00 h) and for groups by appointment Monday-Friday between 9.00-18.00.

15 Jun 2021

A prediction of soil bulk density in North America displayed on SoilGrids.org

On June 16 and 17, the scientific community engaged with digital soil mapping will come together for a webinar focussing on two of the International Union of Soil Scientists’ Pedometrics Commission working groups: Digital Soil Mapping and Global Soil Map.

14 Jun 2021

A newly released paper, SoilGrids 2.0: producing soil information for the globe with quantified spatial uncertainty, provides a peer-reviewed scientific publication describing the production of SoilGrids, ISRIC – World Soil Information’s flagship system for global digital soil mapping.  

09 Jun 2021

New members of the Nigeria Institute of Soil Science, inducted in May 2021


The Nigeria Institute of Soil Science (NISS) and ISRIC – World Soil Information recently established a collaborative agreement to work closely together. The collaboration aligns with the NISS Action Plan which includes five pillars of action on key work such as strengthening of the Nigeria Soil Information System.

27 May 2021

On Friday, May 21, the ISRIC – World Soil Information Spring School wrapped up its 2021 courses on soil assessment and digital soil mapping, completing the eighth year of this signature ISRIC program.

This year, the two courses were offered online for the first time given coronavirus dynamics which limit travel. Sixty-four participants representing 28 countries attended the “Hands-on Digital Soil Mapping,” and “World Soil Assessment" courses.


26 May 2021

Does making (soil) data available to users all over the globe sound like an exciting task? Do you want to work with modern ICT infrastructures using open source and free software? Are you willing to help scientists and research staff at ISRIC with their data handling tasks? Then this could be the ideal job for you!

25 May 2021
On the 25th anniversary of their field, pedometricians stand together at the Pedometrics Conference in Wageningen. This newly released paper proposes an agenda looking ahead to the next 25 years of pedometrics. 
20 May 2021

On June 3, the Soils4Africa project coordinated by ISRIC – World Soil Information will hold an online webinar to discuss how the project’s soil information system will embed in the Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture’s (FNSSA) knowledge platform, an initiative of the African Union-European Union partnership.