Main entry points to ISRIC WDC-Soils holdings

Share on: 17 Apr 2024

The World Data Centre for Soils (WDC-Soils) is a regular member of the World Data System (WDS), an affiliated body of the International Science Council (ISC). They provide a focal point for soil-related collections and information services, and ensure their long-term preservation and archiving.

Our resources include soil specimens, country documentation, and geo-referenced databases. Many of these are available freely on-line, and can be used to underpin a wide range of studies of environmental, societal and economic sustainability.


Main entry points to ISRIC WDC-Soils holdings




Regular Members of ISC-WDS are evaluated on a 3-yearly basis as part of the comprehensive and transparent ISC-WDS re-accreditation process, which includes re-certification according to the CoreTrustSeal trustworthy data repository requirements.