SoilGrids — global gridded soil information

A system for automated soil mapping based on global compilation of soil profile data and publicly available remote sensing data.

SoilGrids is a system for automated soil mapping based on state-of-the-art spatial predictions methods. SoilGrids predictions are based on globally fitted models using soil profile and environmental covariate data. Currently, serves a collection of updatable soil property and class maps of the world at 1 km / 250 m spatial resolutions produced using automated soil mapping based on machine learning algorithms. aims at becoming OpenStreetMap and/or OpenWeatherMap for soil data. SoilGrids data is available publicly under the Open DataBase License.

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SoilGrids1km and SoilGrids250m are outputs of a system for automated global soil mapping developed within ISRIC's workstream on 'Soil Information Brokering'. This workstream is intended to facilitate global soil data initiatives and to serve as a bridge between global and local soil mapping.

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SoilGrids data (GeoTiffs) can be obtained either via the web-mapping interface at, via WebDAV, via the REST service and/or via a smartphone App. To download the complete global maps please use the WebDAV service:

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