WebDAV: direct access to SoilGrids maps in VRT format

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SoilGrids files in VRT format are hosted on the WebDAV. They can be easily accessed using your file browser and different programming languages. 


File browser access

Windows 10
  • Open file explorer
  • Right click on This PC and choose Add a network location
  • Click next
  • Select "Choose a custom network location`
  • Click next
  • Enter https://files.isric.org/soilgrids/latest/data/  for Internet or network location
  • Click next
  • Choose a name for the connection (or accept the suggestion)
  • Click next
  • Click Finish


If you are asked for credentials use 'anonymous' for both user and password.


Open your favourite file explorer and type


Programmatical access

We will provide examples on how to access SoilGrids data hosted on the WebDAV, in three common languages (R,python and linux bash) for a test area.

We provide also guidance to download the data for the whole globe. Please be aware it may require some time, disk space and computational resources.