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Please be informed that SoilInfo app is no longer operational. It was developed to access the now superseded SoilGrids 2017 data.
The app will need important developments to access the SoilGrids v2.0 data.
Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Discover and use global soil information via the SoilInfo mobile phone application (Android & iOS)

To download and install App on your mobile device:

The SoilInfo App is the mobile component of ISRIC's approach for generating open soil data. Its main purpose is to provide access to soil data coming from the SoilGrids project, but it also allows display, distribution and query of all other data components (e.g. soil profiles and samples). Soil data currently available via the SoilInfo App:

  • Soil classification: predicted USDA Soil Taxonomy (Twelfth Edition; 2014) and World Reference Base (2006) soil class.

  • Site characteristics: depth to bedrock (R horizon), organic carbon stock, drainage class.

  • Physical soil properties: soil texture fractions (sand, silt, clay), coarse fragments, bulk density.

  • Chemical soil properties: soil pH in water and HCl, CEC, organic carbon content.

  • Soil water: available water capacity under different suction levels.

  • Macro nutrients: mass fraction for Na, Mg, K, Ca, Al etc.

  • Climatic data: monthly temperatures day and night time based on MODIS LST product and monthly rainfall.

  • Overview map: surrounding soil types in the near proximity of the point of interest.

Enter soil profile data using SoilInfo App

From the version v0.6 of SoilInfo App we (experimentally) support on-filed digitization of content using SoilInfo App. Currently we provide data entry forms based on the FAO Guidelines on soil profile description, but the number of standard data forms is likely to grow in the years to come. Digitized content can be accessed and exported in various formats. We especially support data sharing initiatives so that new observation of soils could be used to improve accuracy of SoilGrids.

SoilGrids REST API

Please be informed that this version of the REST API is no longer operational. It was developed to access the now superseded SoilGrids 2017 data. The new REST API to access the SoilGrids v2.0 data can be found in beta version here. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause."

SoilInfo App is based on the SoilGrids REST (representational state transfer) API, which is an easy approach to run web service and the common-joe likes to see the results immediately displayed on his/her browser. The common choice for data transfer in mobile development is the AJAX call to some REST interface. The SoilGrids REST API provides support for developers to access data, query and display it.

Here is an example of a REST query: