Contribute data to the WoSIS effort

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Below we describe how you and your organisation may share soil profile data for consideration in the World Soil Information System (WoSIS) for the greater benefit of the international community. 


A wide range of data providers have already contributed data to the WoSIS effort. Nonetheless, many countries are still poorly represented in WoSIS (see dashboard); such geographic and soil taxonomic/property gaps can only be filled with your participation!

Profile/point data for consideration in WoSIS may be shared in various ways:

1.   Digital data sets: please send us an e-mail with a concise data set description as well as the URL to the digital data set or the compressed dataset itself as attachment.

2.    Analogue data: these should be digitalised first, see general guidelines. Adaptable templates are available in two formats (LibreOffice and MicroSoftOffice).

 We strongly recommend data contributors assign a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to their unique datasets. A DOI provides persistent access to a dataset; it assigns the dataset a unique identifier which facilitates searchability, usability and proper accreditation of data. There are several international organisations that issue DOI's such as Zenodo, Pangaea and Dataverse (via DANS or Harvard).  

Once we have received a data set, we will first register it in the ISRIC data repository. We value data security and proper acknowledgement. Please send us a signed copy of the data sharing agreement (download template) with your dataset for registration in WoSIS.