Accessing WoSIS using R

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This document, prepared by David Rossiter,  shows how to access WoSIS from R

-- the "latest" version via Web Feature Service (WFS)

-- the "snapshot" version via download

For an overview of WoSIS, see The WoSIS Procedures Manual  explains how to access the database in various ways; here we expand their brief description of using R for this purpose.

This links to which explains the difference between snapshot and dynamic datasets, and how to access them. That page links to this one. 

Scripts to access R for the two forms of the WoSIS database are provided as R Markdown source documents at, along with their compiled HTML and PDF outputs, and R scripts extracted from the R Markdown source. 

R Markdown is explained by the R Studio project: You can also load the extracted R code and run in your favourite R environment.