Who contributed to the development of the WoSIS database?

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The development of the World Soil Information Service (WoSIS) started in 2009 as part of an institutional strategy for re-design of ISRIC’s IT strategy. Many individuals have since contributed to the development of the WoSIS data model in an iterative process.

Here we acknowledge the numerous experts/colleagues that have contributed to the development of WoSIS since its conceptualization: Piet Tempel (2009-2012), Daniel van Kraalingen (2010-2012, WUR), Jorge Samuel Jesus de Mendes (2012-2013), Eloi Ribeiro (2013-2020), Luis Calisto (2021-present), Luis de Sousa (2022-2024) and Niels Batjes (2010-present, Project Leader).

Further, over the years, on an ad hoc basis, technical and expert advice was provided by the following ISRIC colleagues in particular Koos Dijkshoorn (2010-2012), Vincent van Engelen (2010-2012), Bob MacMillan (2010-2013), Johan Leenaars (2010-2016), Tom Hengl (2010-2017) and Hannes I. Reuter (2011-2013). David G. Rossiter prepared the R scripts for accessing ‘WoSIS Latest’ and the last ’WoSIS Snapshot’.

Institutionally, the development of WoSIS would not have been possible without the support of ISRIC Directors Prem Bindraban (2009-2013), Hein van Holsteijn (2013) and Rik van den Bosch (2014-present).

Importantly, our special thanks go to the numerous data providers that have contributed data to the ISRIC Data Repository for subsequent consideration in WoSIS and/or SoilGrids.