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Niels H.

Head of WDC-Soils (World Data Centre for Soils)

Niels is senior researcher and Head of the World Data Centre for Soils (WDC-Soils), a regular member of the ICSU World Data System, with special responsibility for the DATA (WoSIS) project. A soil scientist by training, he has over 30 years of experience in developing and applying land resources information systems in the framework of international research and capacity building projects. Presently, he is involved in the EU H2020 CIRCASA project on collaboration and strategies for 'carbon sequestration in agricultural soils' and the TNC-funded 'Space-time Statistical Modelling of Soil Organic Carbon' project.

Niels joined ISRIC in 1990 after having worked in East Africa and the Caribbean, mainly as a Land Evaluation Expert. At ISRIC, he contributes to numerous collaborative projects. His special scientific interest is in research on soil carbon stocks and change (in the context of climate change mitigation and adaptation), sustainable land management, land quality indicators, soil data standardisation / harmonisation / analysis to support broad scale soil mapping and continental and global environmental assessments. This is reflected in over 60 peer-reviewed publications , several book chapters and numerous technical reports.

Niels is a member of the Scientific Steering Group of the International Soil Carbon Network (ISCN), CoreTrustSeal Assembly of Reviewers, Editorial Board of Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, and contributes to several working groups of the Global Soil Partnership (P1, P4 and P5).  

Niels speaks English, French, Dutch and some German.