SOTER data model

The SOTER data model is an empty (attribute) database that one can use to build a SOTER (Soil and Terrain) database. Currently two versions of the data model are available in MS Access® format:


Citation and License

ISRIC, 2013. SOTER Data Model v1.0. ISRIC–World Soil Information, Wageningen.

ISRIC, 2016. SOTER Data Model v2.0. ISRIC–World Soil Information, Wageningen.


Both models are made available under the Open Database License:


Note: The Open Database License (ODL) only applies to the data model itself, not the future content of the database. The ODL licensing system allows data providers to use their own license for the database content. The license statement should in that case be adapted as follows:

The SOTER Data Model is made available under the Open Database License: Any rights for individual contents of the database are licensed under <specify your license here>.


For more information on licensing see:

ISRIC Data and Software Policy