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Taking fertilizer recommendations to scale for major crops in West Africa, a proof of concept

Map, graph and table (click on it) giving fertilizer NPK recommendations (fNR, fPR, fKR), and the yield gap exceeding target yield gap (ygap), generalized per country and agroecological zone (AEZ) including probabilities. From: Leenaars et al., 2018. For detailed explanations: see below this page.



Detailed explanation:

Map polygons and codes: country-AEZ’s (e.g. GH165 = Ghana zone with a growing period of 150-180 days)
Map colors (legend): median value of variable (kg/ha; at 50% probability = calculation1)

Graph lines and colors: country-AEZ’s
Graph x-axis: value of variable (kg/ha; at 0-100% probability)
Graph y-axis: cumulative probability (0-100%)

Table columns: country-AEZ’s
Table rows: cumulative probability (0-100%)
Table cells: value of variable (kg/ha; at 0-100% probability).

Reference: J.G.B. Leenaars, M. Ruiperez Gonzalez and B. Kempen, 2018. Extrapolation of fertilizer recommendations for major food crops in West Africa; a proof of concept (with dataset). Project report for IFDC Accra, USAID - West Africa Fertilizer Program. ISRIC – World Soil Information, Wageningen.
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