WoSIS dashboard released

05 Oct 2022

We just released a dashboard that provides a quick insight into the present WoSIS holdings.

WoSIS is a compilation of cleansed and standardised soil profile data for the world that is free and open access. The latest, dynamic version is available from the ISRIC Soil Data Hub.

'We are already working towards the next WoSIS release thanks to new data contributions from a wide range of data providers'  says Niels Batjes WoSIS project lead,  'this process includes re-factoring of the WoSIS workflow and improving ETL (extraction, load, transform) procedures by my colleague Luis Calisto, data base development expert'. A special focus is on the processing of forest soil data for Europe within the framework of the EU-HoliSoils project mapping activities.

Different options are available for sharing your soil data and these will determine how the standardised data can be served to the international community.