New report available on global soil spectroscopy community needs

20 Sep 2021

Soil spectroscopy is a rapidly growing field of research used to measure soil properties and generate soil data. Along with the increased use of soil spectroscopy, sound and standardised procedures are needed for soil spectral measurements, analysis, storage, exchange and prediction of soil properties.

A new report sharing the global soil spectroscopy community’s needs around these topics is now available. The report, Global Soil Spectroscopy Assessment | Spectral Soil Data: Needs and Capacities, was authored by Filippo Benedetti from the Global Soil Partnership and Fenny van Egmond from ISRIC – World Soil Information. The report content is based on responses to a questionnaire sent to Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) and the International Union of Soil Sciences’ Pedometrics Commission.

“This report can guide the global soil spectroscopy community to operationalise soil spectroscopy as a reliable, quick and affordable way to collect soil information,” said Van Egmond, soil sensing expert at ISRIC.

Surveying the needs of the global soil spectroscopy community and producing this report was undertaken as an activity of the spectroscopy working group within the Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) of Global Soil Partnership. People surveyed include soil laboratories, soil spectroscopy experts, soil information institutes and universities.

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