Fostering growth: Africa Soil Information CoP welcomes its ambassadors

Share on: 06 Feb 2024

In an exciting development, the Africa Soil Information Community of Practice is pleased to announce the appointment of new ambassadors who will spearhead the community's initiatives and drive collaborative growth among its members.

The Africa Soil Information Community of Practice has been a hub for soil professionals, enthusiasts, and experts to come together, exchange knowledge, and foster innovation in their respective fields.

Meet the ambassadors of the Africa Soil Information Community of Practice

Here you can access the complete list of ambassadors.

These accomplished individuals bring a wealth of experience and a passion for community building, making them ideal torchbearers for the Africa Soil Information Community of Practice. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise will contribute to the community's enrichment, fostering an environment of continuous learning and collaboration.

Key focus areas

The ambassador's team has outlined key focus areas for the upcoming term, including:

  • Knowledge exchange programs: Introducing specialized knowledge-sharing sessions and workshops to facilitate the exchange of ideas among members.
  • Innovative initiatives: Launching projects that encourage creativity and innovation within the community, pushing the boundaries of current practices.
  • Mentorship programs: Establishing mentorship initiatives to connect seasoned professionals with emerging talents, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Vision for the future

The Africa Soil Information Community of Practice envisions a future where members actively contribute to the growth and development of their respective fields. The ambassador's team is committed to cultivating an inclusive, collaborative culture that empowers every member to reach their full potential.

Join us!

As the Africa Soil Information Community of Practice welcomes its new ambassadors, it also extends an invitation to professionals, enthusiasts, and experts alike to join this vibrant community. Together, they will shape the future of their career and create lasting impacts through shared knowledge and collaboration.

For more information on how to become a member or get involved in the Africa Soil Information Community of Practice, please click here or contact Dr. Chrow Khurshid, Community Manager via email.


About Africa Soil Information Community of Practice

At the Africa Soil Data and Information Community of Practice (CoP), we aim to foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation in creating soil information. From assessing soil profiles in the field to delivering tailored soil maps and information products for land management, we have found that relying on the quality-tested methods and standards available is helpful. In some areas of the “soil information workflow,” there are well-tested standards to apply, and in others, innovation is continuously updating best practices. Our community provides a platform for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to exchange insights, discuss challenges, and contribute to the collective understanding of soil.