Multilingual translation of micromorphology

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For communication on observations in micro-morphology it is very important that clear, unambiguous terminology is used. This is especially true if one wants to compare observations made by different authors, and certainly when the construction of databases is considered.

This page provides access to translations in 19 languages of terms used in micro-morphology. The translations were based on the contributions of various authors and sources and was coordinated and edited by em. Prof. Dr. G. Stoops (for authors see respective documents).


Microphoto of a Podzol B with cracked humus coatings (Jongerius - STIBOKA Collection)

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arabic alphabet.pdf (pdf, 378.91 kB)
Castillano alphabet.pdf (pdf, 24.70 kB)
Català alphabet_f.pdf (pdf, 94.06 kB)
Česky alphabet (pdf, 146.49 kB)
Deutsch alphabet.pdf (pdf, 29.25 kB)
English-alphabet.pdf (pdf, 29.69 kB)
Français alphabet.pdf (pdf, 38.63 kB)
Galego alphabet.pdf (pdf, 27.53 kB)
Italiano alphabet.pdf (pdf, 26.30 kB)
Magyar alphabet.pdf (pdf, 66.47 kB)
Nederlands alphabet.pdf (pdf, 26.27 kB)
Norsk alphabet.pdf (pdf, 34.84 kB)
Persian alphabetic .pdf (pdf, 138.56 kB)
Polsky alphabet.pdf (pdf, 88.76 kB)
Portugués alphabet.pdf (pdf, 31.34 kB)
Romana alphabet.pdf (pdf, 62.52 kB)
Russian alphabet.pdf (pdf, 67.40 kB)
Slovenčina alphabet (pdf, 79.18 kB)
Ukrainian alphabet.pdf (pdf, 56.19 kB)