Soil Geographic Databases — Dynamic Soil Status

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This page is a catalogue of digital soil resources available outside our organisation, related to dynamic soil status.

For other resources, please return to the Soil Geographic Databases starting page.

Dynamic soil status    

  • International Soil Moisture Network
        "Soil moisture, which is the water stored in the upper soil layer, is a crucial parameter for a large number of applications, including numerical weather prediction, flood forecasting, agricultural drought assessment, water resources management, greenhouse gas accounting, civil protection, and epidemiological modeling of water borne diseases.
  • Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN)
        From the (USA) National Water & Climate Center. Time-series of soil moisture, temperature, snowpack for scattered stations. Also has some records for Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
  • National [USA] Soil Moisture Network database
        Maintained at Ohio State University by Steven Quiring. Harmonized and quality-controlled. Explained in this paper.