Soil Geographic Databases — Australia, Oceania, Antarctica

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This page is a catalogue of digital soil resources available outside our organisation, for Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica.

For other resources, please return to the Soil Geographic Databases starting page.

Index: Australia | Oceania | Antarctica


  • Australian Soil Resources Information System (ASRIS)
    1. National Soil Grids
      250 m horizontal resolution; themes: Australian Soil Classification; clay percentage; bulk density, pH, plant available water
    2. Atlas of Australian soils
      Digitized from 1:2'000,000 scale paper maps; includes a reliability map and legend
    3. Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia
      This is the Australian implementation of the specification, i.e., at 3 arc-second (approx. 100 m) resolution. It is available for viewing on-line, via Google Earth, or for download. In addition to the soil properties it also provides many landscape attributes, e.g., the Prescott Index measure of water balance and solar radiation 
  • Australian Soil Classification Map
    "A map of Australian Soil Classification Soil Order classes with quantified estimates of mapping reliability at a 90m resolution"; methods described here.  
  • APSoil
    "[A] database of soil water characteristics enabling estimation of Plant Available Water Capacity for individual soils and crops. It covers many cropping regions of Australia and is regularly updated. It is designed for use in simulation modelling and agronomic practice."
    Soil properties applicable to the APSIM Agricultural Systems Modelling and Simulation computer program.
  • Victorian Soil pH mapping (VicDSMv1)
    "This dataset comprises soil property mapping across the whole State of Victoria at 6 prescribed depths. The set depths are 0 to 5 cm, 5 to 15 cm, 15 to 30 cm, 30 to 60 cm, 60 to 100 cm and 100 to 200 cm. The mapped soil properties are pH (1:5 water), EC (dS/m), percent clay and soil organic carbon (SOC percent) ... The data is available in polygonal format (i.e., the land units) with soil property median value, standard deviation and assignment qualifier attributes."


  • S-Map, the digital soil map for New Zealand
    S-map is the new national soils database. When completed, it will provide a seamless digital soil map coverage for New Zealand. S-map is designed to be applied at any scale from farm to region to nation.
    Other soil survey activities explained at Manaaki Whenua Soil Data and Maps page.  


  • Antartic Soils Data Explorer"
    "[A] spatial database containing historic soil samples, collected between 1964-1999, which were recently collated by Manaaki Whenua, as part of The Frozen Assets project."  
  • University of Wisconsin Antarctic Soils Database
    Data collected by Dr. James G. Bockheim and his colleagues from 1975 through 1987. Data include site information, air and soil temperature measurements, soil profile features, and surface boulder weathering features for 482 sites in the McMurdo Sound area of Antarctica.