Spatiotemporal sufficiency of water and nutrients for major crops in Burkina Faso

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The project 'Food security in the Western Sahel, with specific focus on Burkina Faso' has been granted by the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture to a consortium of IFDC, EMSA, eLEAF and ISRIC.


Assess the spatio-temporal variability of water and nutrient sufficiency for three major crops in Burkina Faso at 250 m resolution.


  • calculate and map the yearly water requirement, water availability and water sufficiency,
  • calculate and map the yearly nutrient requirement, nutrient availability and nutrient sufficiency. 

The water-related calculations are based on maps, derived from satellite earth observations and available from the FAO-WAPOR database, of yearly weather and derived data together with a map of soil rootable depth and the nutrient related calculations on the previous [details?] maps and maps of soil nutrient content [Provide URls]


Demonstration of components of a possible information system to guide investments in sustainable intensification of agricultural production in the Western Sahel, including:  

  • maps of the yearly water and nutrient sufficiency for millet, sorghum and maize in Burkina Faso
  • a report describing the methodology, underlying data and results. 


International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), eLEAF and ISRIC. 


Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Fishery (LNV), the Netherlands

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