Soil Horizons performance at ISRIC World Soil Museum

Share on: 13 Jun 2024

Seemingly mundane, just below our feet, a world of soil unfolds. From gardens to agriculture, from wetlands to peatlands, from sealed surfaces to landfills covered with soil, we are constantly entangled with this vital agent and yet ever more separated from it.

Drawing nearer to soil means digging deeper and exposing more than we can see. Profiles, more poetically known as "soil horizons," expose and narrate the history of these invisible territories. They are records of a distant and recent past, albeit never static.

Over the last decades, it has become increasingly evident that, due to mismanagement and the effects of global warming, we will lose most vital topsoil within the next 60 years. Under the theme of "Soil Horizons," three artists are responding to three different soil classifications present within the ISRIC World Soil Museum.

The event will take place on 26 June at the ISRIC World Soil Museum. Artist talks and presentations will be done by Kate Foster and pantea, Miguel Teodoro, and Sigrid Schmeisser. At the end of the talks and presentation, there will be a discussion with ISRIC colleagues Stephan Mantel and Mara Grandia, as well as a small food tasting in relation to the soils presented.


  • 18:00 – Walk-ins and viewing of the museum collection, talking with the artists
  • 18:30 – Introduction Stephan Mantel, ISRIC
  • 19:00 – Artist presentations, lecture performances
  • 20:30 – Discussions with Stephan Mantel and Mara Grandia, ISRIC
  • 21:00 – End with food related to the soil, prepared by Miguel Teodoro
  • 21:20 – Closing

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This event announcement is made on behalf of the artists organising the event.