Read ISRIC - World Soil Information's 2020-2021 Annual Report

08 Nov 2022

Today, ISRIC - World Soil Information releases our 2020-2021 Annual Report, with highlights from our major areas of work:

  • Provisioning quality-assessed global soil information with quantified uncertainty
  • Helping others produce soil data products for their own geography
  • Contributing resources for sustainable land management
  • Implementing a community of practice for soil information providers
  • Soil education and advocacy through the World Soil Museum

We invite you to take a look and explore some of the interesting collaborations and soil data products that we developed in the past two years. The report begins on an inspiring note with words from Director Rik van den Bosch (excerpt below):

We are excited to see an increasing demand for soil information by those engaged in land management. Over the review period, ISRIC has helped with the integration of soil information in national information services in Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya in support of climate smart agriculture. We have also developed science-based procedures for formulating more precise fertiliser recommendations to improve on blanket recommendations and contributed to the WOCAT network and services to better support sustainable land management decisions.

Our efforts to further develop our global products WoSIS and SoilGrids have continued with a view to meeting the needs of a diverse user community. Acknowledging that global products cannot be used for local applications because of the limited resolution and accuracy, we have started a community of practice to support national level soil information providers in their endeavour to produce user-oriented soil information products for their countries. We will consolidate and expand this service in the coming years.

Read the full ISRIC Annual Report 2020-2021 here

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