Four ISRIC researchers presenting at Pedometrics Webinar

15 Jun 2021

A prediction of soil bulk density in North America displayed on

On June 16 and 17, the scientific community engaged with digital soil mapping will come together for a webinar focussing on two of the International Union of Soil Scientists’ Pedometrics Commission working groups: Digital Soil Mapping and Global Soil Map.

Digital soil mapping, which is the production of digital maps for soil types and soil properties using statistical methods, is a field highly aligned with the work of ISRIC – World Soil Information and four ISRIC-associated researchers are presenting at the webinar. Their talk titles are:

  • How well does Predictive Soil Mapping represent soil geography? An investigation from the USA”, David G Rossiter, ISRIC guest researcher and Cornell University adjunct associate professor
  • Modelling measurement error in wet chemistry soil data with linear mixed-effects modelsCynthia van Leeuwen, ISRIC PhD candidate
  • Global mapping of volumetric water retention at 10, 33 and 1500 kPa using the WoSIS databaseMaria Eliza Turek, ISRIC guest researcher and Federal University of Paraná PhD candidate
  • "Artificial Neural Networks for Global Soil Mapping" Giulio Genova, ISRIC guest researcher and Eurac Research Institute of Alpine Environment and University of Bolzano PhD candidate

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