Africa Fertiliser and Soil Health Summit 2024

Share on: 15 Apr 2024

The Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Environment (DARBE) of the African Union, in collaboration with AUDA-NEPAD, RECs and partners, is organising the Africa Fertiliser and Soil Health (AFSH) Summit on 7-9 May in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Summit will discuss various issues around fertiliser and soil health in Africa and the implications on the agricultural, health, and social well-being of the continent.

The Summit aims to bring together relevant stakeholders to highlight the crucial role of fertiliser and soil health in stimulating sustainable pro-poor productivity growth in African agriculture and to agree on an African Fertiliser and Soil Health Action Plan and the Soils Initiative for Africa. Stakeholders include African Heads of State, government officials, policymakers, the private sector, civil society organisations, and the research and development sector.

Side events will be held during the Summit to cover technical and policy topics related to soil health and fertilisers in Africa.

With our partners, we are pleased to participate in the parallel session D: Imperative for a veritable Soil information system in Africa: Partnership, Finance, and Policies, organised by the African Union/FARA. The session will focus on the importance of having a soil information system in driving agricultural productivity and sustainable use of African soil. Rik van den Bosch, ISRIC-World Soil Information Director, will be participating as a panelist in this discussion, together with representatives from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CIAT, and IAR&T. Location: Lawns Tent 1. Date: 8 May, 11:30-12:30.

We will also contribute to the following side events:

  • Strengthening National Soil Information Systems - A Framework for Sustainable SIS Intervention Design. Partners: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CABI, ISRIC. Location: Lawns (tent 4). Date: 7 May, 15:30-17:00.
  • Monitoring soil health and soil health investments at different scales. Partners: European Commission, ISRIC, CIFOR-ICRAF. Location: Amphitheatre Hall (2nd floor). Date: 8 May, 14:00-15:30.
  • Development of an Evolving Pan-African Decision Support Tool and Rock Phosphate Activation Project for Enhanced Crop Production. Partners: OCP Africa, USAID, UM6P, African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI), ISRIC, IFDC. Location: Upper Comesa (tent 6). Date: 8 May, 15:30-17:00.
  • Sustainable Soil Fertility Management: A Paradigm Shift via a Diverse Solutions Portfolio. Partners: FAO/GSP, ISRIC, WEF, CRS. Location: Amphitheatre Hall (3rd floor). Date: 8 May, 15:30-17:00.


More information about the Africa Fertiliser and Soil Health Summit.