Memberships of scientific committees and editorial boards

This page provides an overview of present staff membership of scientific steering groups, scientific working groups and editorial boards of primary journals.


Batjes, Niels

De Sousa, Luís

  • Project Steering Committee, PyWP

Heuvelink, Gerard

Kooiman, Andre

  • Member Management Group, World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT)

Mantel, Stephan

Mendes de Jesus, Jorge Samuel 

  • Project Steering Committee, PyWPS

  • Project Steering Commitee, pygeoapi

Poggio, Laura

Rossiter, David 

Van den Bosch, Rik

  • Representative SDF (Soil Data Facility), Pillar 4 'Information and Data' of the Global Soil Partnership

Van Egmond, Fenny

Van Genuchten, Paul