Memberships of scientific committees and editorial boards

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This page provides an overview of present staff membership of scientific steering groups, scientific working groups and editorial boards of primary journals.


Batjes, Niels

De Sousa, Luís

  • Project Steering Committee, PyWP

Heuvelink, Gerard

Kooiman, Andre

  • Member Management Group, World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT)

Mantel, Stephan

Mendes de Jesus, Jorge Samuel 

  • Project Steering Committee, PyWPS

  • Project Steering Commitee, pygeoapi

Poggio, Laura

Rossiter, David 

Van den Bosch, Rik

  • Representative SDF (Soil Data Facility), Pillar 4 'Information and Data' of the Global Soil Partnership

Van Egmond, Fenny

Van Genuchten, Paul