ISRIC Projects

Together with our partners we are involved in various externally funded and co-funded research and capacity building  projects.


ISRIC’s training and education activities serve the international community with a wide array of courses and lectures on the topic of soils. The annual Spring School is a major event.

International Collaboration

Providing information on the soils of the world is an enormous task and a continuing challenge for a compact organisation such as ISRIC. We can only properly fulfil our mission in collaboration with partners in our field.

Global Soil Partnership

We are a proactive partner in the Global Soil Partnership, an open, interactive, responsive and voluntary partnership which includes United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Member countries and other partners to position soils on the global agenda.


ISRIC is a founding member of World Overview of Conservation Approaches & Technologies (WOCAT).

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
Addressing Global Issues

The functioning of the world's productive ecosystems substantially relies on the soil. However, this natural resource has often been undervalued. ISRIC promotes the importance of soil prominently in global debates on food security, climate change and bio-diversity by developing and hosting trusted global soil information systems and highlighting soil functions.