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Technosols are found throughout the world where human activities has led to the construction of artificial soils, sealing of natural soils, or extraction of materials normally not effected by surface processes.


Soils having properties and a pedogenesis dominated by their technic origin. They contain 20 % or more artefacts(something in the soil recognizably made or extracted from the earth by humans), or are sealed by technic hard rock within 5 cm of the soil surface and covering 95% or more of the horizontal extent (hard material created by humans, having properties unlike natural rock).

They are often referred to as urban or mine soils and include soils from wastes (landfills, sludge, cinders, mine spoils and ashes), pavements with their underlying unconsolidated materials, soils with geo-membranes and constructed soils in human-made materials.

They are related to Anthrosols in that they are modified by human activities.