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Luvisols occur mainly in temperate regions, particularly in areas with a Mediterranean-type of climate.


Soils having an argic horizon (a subsurface horizon with a distinct higher clay content than the overlying horizon) with a cation exchange capacity equal to or more than 24 cmolc per kg clay throughout.

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Red Luvisol with pronounced prismatic structure and features associated with water stagnation in the argic horizon, China

(Hyposodi-Stagnic Luvisol (Chromic and Cutanic); ISRIC reference soil CN 046)

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Luvisol used for paddy rice cultivation, China

(Anthraqui-Stagnic Luvisol; ISRIC reference soil CN 003)

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Brown Luvisol with distinct eluvial horizon between 20 and 45 cm depth and an argic horizon below, having pronounced films of illuviated clay, Ireland

(Cutanic Luvisol; ISRIC reference soil IE 007)