Green Water Credits Report M2b: Green Water Management in the Sebou Basin: Analysing the costs and Benefits using WEAP

Year of publication
Droogers P, Terink W, Hunink JE, Kauffman JH , van Lynden GWJ
Water resources in Morocco are stressed and various initiatives have been developed to mitigate water shortage. Many of these initiatives focus on the so-called blue water component, ignoring an important aspect of the total water resource: green water.

A critical analysis was carried out to explore the suitability of different tools and it was found that SWAT excelled in analysing the impact of upstream soil water conservation measures on changes in rainfed productivity, erosion and streamflow.

The Water Evaluation and Planning system (WEAP) tool complements SWAT by using SWAT-generated results in an supply-demand evaluation leading towards a cost-benefit analysis. WEAP is a computer tool for integrated and water resources planning. It provides a comprehensive and user-friendly framework for policy analysis