Privacy and cookie statement

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ISRIC - World Soil information takes the protection of your privacy very seriously and strives to provide services that are transparent, reliable, and focused on the individual. The personal data that is collected through the website, or shared in the framework (inter)national collaboration projects, is processed in accordance with the applicable privacy regulations, i.e. the 'General Data Protection Regulation' consolidated text Regulation (EU) 2016/679

On our website (, there are several places where you will be presented with the option to provide a response. For instance, this is how you would request feedback to a question or register for the annual SpringSchool. The data that you provide will be used exclusively to complete your request and not for any other purposes. Your information will not be shared with third parties without your consent, unless this is necessary to process your request. As such, we follow GDPR principles for 'data minimisation':  personal data should be ’adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed'.

ISRIC websites and applications utilise appropriate security systems and encrypted connections to protect your personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing.

In compliance with data protection regulations, you may request that we remove, or update, your personal registration details at any time. 



We think it’s important to inform you about which cookies our website uses and for what purpose. We aim to protect both your privacy and the functionality of our website as much as possible. In the text below, you can read more about the cookies used by and via our website, as well as their purpose.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the hard drive of your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet when you visit a website.

The use of cookies allows our websites to function better. Setting cookies offers us further insight into the use of our website and its effectiveness. As such, we can see how often and when you visit certain webpages, the types of devices our visitors use, which pages attract the most interest and/or which advertisements are the most effective.

The use of cookies is secure. No personal information (such as a phone number or email address) can be derived from cookies. Therefore, they cannot be used for marketing campaigns conducted by email or phone.


What types of cookies does ISRIC — World Soil Information use and for what reason?

Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to ensure our website runs properly. This may concern, for instance, a cookie that asks your permission to store ‘other’ cookies on your device.

This type of cookie has zero or negligible impact on your privacy. For that reason, functional cookies are exempt from the requirement of consent as stipulated by the Dutch Telecommunications Act. Consequently, ISRIC — World Soil Information does not ask permission for the placement of these cookies.

Analytical cookies

ISRIC — World Soil Information uses Google Analytics and Matomo cookies. Analytics cookies are used to map and analyse website use, with the goal of improving the quality and/or effectiveness of the website. ISRIC — World Soil Information uses Google Analytics and Matomo cookies in accordance with the guidelines established by the Dutch DPA (Personal Data Protection Regulations).

We have signed a processing agreement with Google. The information Google collects will be anonymous wherever possible (this includes removing the last octet of the user’s IP address) and no further information will be shared. As such, permission is not required for the use of these Analytics cookies.

Statistics are compiled from the information we collect. These statistics provide insight into how often our webpages are visited, where visitors spend the most time, etc. This enables us to improve the structure, navigation, and content of the website, which can be done by supplementing information or improving the ease of use, for example.

The information collected by Google Analytics is transmitted to and stored by Google on American servers. Google can provide this information to third parties if legally obligated, or if third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. ISRIC — World Soil Information has no influence in this matter. The data collected by Matomo are stored on servers of Wageningen University and are not shared with other parties.


Other cookies

Aside from the aforementioned cookies, we have also equipped our websites with some additional cookies, ones that require permission. When you click on a subpage of the website and provide consent in this manner, the following cookies will also be stored on your device.

Social media: Buttons are used on this website to shared webpages via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These buttons use code snippets originating from the social media platforms. Cookies are set whenever you share webpages via these buttons.

For more information about what these social media platforms do with the data (personal or otherwise) that they process from these cookies, please refer to the privacy declarations of the platforms themselves. ISRIC — World Soil Information has no influence in this matter.

How can you delete cookies?

If you are completely opposed to the idea of websites storing cookies on your computer or peripheral devices, you can always modify your permission settings in the footer at the bottom of the webpage, or you can adjust your browser settings. The method of adjusting browser settings depends on the browser. If necessary, consult the browser’s help function.

If you wish to disable cookies from specific parties, you can do so via Youronlinechoices.


Third party privacy policy

This privacy statement does not apply to third party websites, or websites which are connected to by hyperlinks. ISRIC — World Soil Information does not accept responsibility for the manner in which third parties handle personal information.



Do you have any specific questions or comments about our Privacy Statement based on this information? If so, please contact us via our contact form.