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Digital soil mapping

Laura has a background in forestry and environmental sciences. During her PhD she focused on the development of a simplified land-use modelling method for the assessment of the risk of heavy metal polluted soil towards human health, and evaluating the influence of planning measures on this risk. Other research experiences (JRC - Ispra (I)) included the analysis and evaluation of pan-European geographical data-sets with investigation of data quality and error propagation.

Her main research interest is in Digital Soil Mapping and how to integrate soil data in the wider environmental/earth modelling.

She worked since 2008 at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen (Scotland, UK). The main focus of her research was spatio-temporal modelling and integration of information on soil-plant-climate interactions with land use, to assess the role of key natural resources supporting ecosystem services and to quantify the impacts of climate and land use changes at different spatial scales with uncertainty propagation. She worked on spatial and (geo)statistical modelling and integration of environmental data at different spatial scales, e.g. remote sensing and ground data using HPC for spatial and geostatistical algorithms and models.