Overview of soil phosphorus data from a large international soil database

Soil-P is essential for plant growth and production

This study provides and overview of extractable soil phosphorus (P-Bray, P-Olsen, P-Mehlich and P-water) and P-retention data held in a large profile database is presented. The primary aim is to assess whether representative P-values, by broad soil group (FAO system), can be determined for each of these analytical methods to support GIS-based assessments of food security.
The study was carried out by ISRIC in the framework of the project  "Resource scarcity and distribution in a changing world" (BO-10-011-07) funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (ELI) and coordinated by the Business Unit Agrosystems Research (AGRO) of Plant Research International (PRI), Wageningen University and Research Centre.