Global Environmental Outlook4 (GEO4)

Global Environmental Outlook; GEO-4 - ISRIC coordinated UNEP's Global Environmental Outlook Chapter 3, Land Working Group ISRIC - World Soil Information is the international collaborating institute of UNEP and for the GEO4 report ISRIC coordinated the editing of Chapter 3 - Land. The Chapter, with Dr David Dent as co-ordinating lead authhor, addresses land issues identified by UNEP 's regional groups, and highlights the pressures of human  demands on land resources as causes of land degradation. The most dynamic elements of land-use change are the far-reaching changes in forest cover and composition, cropland expansion and intensification, and urban development . 25 October  2007 was the official launch of UNEP's 4th Global Environmental Outlook at the United Nations Headquarters, New York.