Benefits of Soil Carbon (BSC-SCOPE)

Benefits of Soil Carbon a SCOPE Rapid Assessment Project

This SCOPE Rapid Assessment Project on Benefits of Soil Carbon (BSC) is a major international effort to transfer complex science evidence into new policy approaches and into new land management practices. Conserving and improving carbon in soil organic matter through land management offers enormous potential to simultaneously address the major global challenges of rapid climate change, degradation of soil and water quality and urgent and growing demand for food. Many of the benefits of soil carbon arising from multiple ecosystem services are not recognised or are external to the existing markets.

International experts have prepared background chapters summarising the state of knowledge within their disciplines. An international workshop in March 2013, hosted by the European Commission - Joint Research Centre (Ispra, Italy), will convene some 40 experts for 5 days to prepare cross-cutting chapters. These will build on the state of the knowledge from the background chapters, point out knowledge gaps, research needs, and propose new solutions. Together with an executive summary, these chapters will form a SCOPE Science monograph that will undergo peer-review and final editing. Further outputs will include high-profile policy briefs to flag the main conclusions, recommendations and to guide implementation, and an authoritative review for a high-impact international journal.

Participants of the SCOPE RAP BSC meeting (JRC, 18-22 March 2013)