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ISRIC is collaboratively developing a centralized and user–focused server database, known as ISRIC World Soil Information Service (WoSIS), that draws on contributions from many data providers.

Upon their standardisation, the 'shared' point data are made freely available to the international community to address a range of global issues.



  • Safeguard world soil data 'as is' (especially for soil legacy data)

  • Share soil data (point, polygon, grid) upon their standardization and harmonization

  • Provide quality-assessed input for a growing range of environmental applications.



Compilation of a global dataset of quality-assessed and standardised soil profile data for the world, drawing on voluntary contributions of data holders/providers worldwide. At present, the focus is on standardising soil point (profile) data for the world.

The quality assessed and standardised data are made available freely to the international community through several webservices, in compliance with the conditions specified by the various data providers. 



The following datasets are freely available:

  • Latest (dynamic) dataset: This dataset contains the most recent complement of standardised soil data served from WoSIS. Being dynamic, the dataset will grow once new point data are standardised, additional soil properties are considered, and/or when possible corrections are required. The set is served through an OGC-compliant WFS (Web Feature Service):
      -   WFS link for your GIS application:
  • Snapshot (static) datasets: These are a representation of the complement of standardised data available at a given moment (e.g. July 2016). Each snapshot is given a unique name and digital object identifier (doi) for consistent citation purposes.
       - WFS link for your GIS application:



The DATA project draws on voluntary contributions from numerous data providers. It plays an important role in supporting the activities of the ICSU-WDS accredited World Data Centre for Soils (WDC-Soils) at ISRIC.



The data project resorts under Workstream 2, "Soil Information Brokering" and receives ISRIC core-funding.