WoSIS - Cooperating institutions and experts

The development of WoSIS (World Soil Information Service) has been made possible thanks to the contributions and shared knowledge of a steadily growing number of data providers, including soil survey organisations, research institutes and individual experts. We gratefully acknowledge their contributions!


There are still many soil geographical and soil taxonomic gaps in WoSIS. Should you desire to contribute soil profile data to the global WoSIS effort please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


Status WoSIS snapshot (September 2019, see here)


Data providers whose contributions have been standardised in WoSIS:

Data providers whose contributions still have to be standardised in WoSIS*:


*  New data contributions will be processed as soon as possible, and this generally in sequence of their receipt at ISRIC. 

** Procedures for importing and standardising soil data derived from proximal sensing are under development.