Johan Leenaars

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Employer title
ISRIC - World Soil Information
Job title
Soil legacy data officer, GlobalSoilMap.Net

Personal Information

Full name
Ir JGB (Johan) Leenaars
Telephone number
+31 317 483749
Johan joined ISRIC in 2009 as Soil Legacy Data Officer for the African Soil Information Service (AfSIS) and the project. Johan Leenaars has expertise in soil science, geo-information and Africa. He graduated from Wageningen University in 1990 with a specialization in soil survey and land evaluation. He has been involved in projects on land resources and worked for public organizations, commercial companies as well as freelance. The emphasis of his work has been on sustainable soil fertility management in semi-arid conditions and on watershed- and natural resources management, for which he conducted numerous land-use system analyses at various scales applying GIS, database and crop growth modelling. Johan has working experience in the Netherlands, Belgium, Jordan, Iran, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and Colombia.   Johan speaks Dutch, English and French.


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6 years 4 months