Introduction to R

Course title: A guided self study on the statistical software R
Course Code: ISRIC - RINTRO
Duration: 1 day
Short description:

This course introduces the participants to the statistical software R. Participant learn to create and process vectors, matrices and data frames, to work with R objects and classes, to fit simple linear regression models, to import and export data, and to generate R graphics.

The format of the course is a 'guided self study'. The course will start with a 45-minute lecture on some R basics. Then the participants will work through the tutorial on their own pace. Teachers are present to provide assistance where necessary. The course makes use of  the excellent tutorial 'Introduction to the R Project for Statistical Computing for use at ITC' by Dr. David G. Rossiter ( A reader is provided that selects the most relevant parts of the tutorial. An R script is provided that contains the associated R code. Several exercises are added to the script so that the participants can practice with what they have just learned.

Moderators: Bas Kempen
Target audience: Everybody who is interested in learning R.
Requirements: -
Programme: -
Objective: To provide an introduction to the basic R functionality (data import, export, and processing)
Software / materials:

R and RStudio.

Download course materials:

Case studies: -
Literature: Google. The internet is a great resource for finding literature and tutorials on R.
Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 25
Further inquiries: Bas Kempen