Introduction to Python and GDAL

Course title: Introduction to Python and GDAL
Course code:  
Subject areas (Curriculum): Python, scripting, GDAL
Duration: 1 day
Short description: Introduction of Users to the programming language PYTHON, GDAL and Numpy library
Moderators: J (Jorge) Mendes de Jesus
Target audience: MSc and PhD level students working primarily with soil data. DSM teams and project participants.
Programme: None
Objective: Allow participants in an interactive way to start play around with python. Familirize themself with the different scientific and raster libraries which allow geoprocessing of spatial data
Software / materials: Computer, Keyboard
Case studies:  
Literature: see Cookbooks on respective software pages
Minimum number of participants: 5
Maximum number of participants: 20
Further inquiries: Jorge Mendes de Jesus