Geomorphometry analysis in ArcGIS

Course title: Geomorphometry analysis in ArcGIS
Course code:  
Subject areas (Curriculum): Terrain analysis, landform classification, derived terrain parameters
Duration: 1-3 days
Short description: ArcGIS Geomorphometry Toolbox
Moderators:  Dr T (Tom) Hengl
Target audience: Anyone eager to learn to use ArcGIS Geomorphomerty Toolbox;

Day1 Content (each slot by 1.5h-2h)

  • Session 1 T: DEMs in ArcInfo
  • Session 2 P: DEM generation
  • Session 3 T: Introduction to Geomorphometry Toolbox
  • Session 4 P: Working with the Geomorphometry Toolbox


  • Session 5 T: Landform Classification and Error Propagation
  • Session 6 P: Landform Classification and Error Propagation
  • Session 7 P: Time reserved for generation of datasets
  • Session 8 P: Time reserved for generation of landform classifications


  • Session 9 P: Self Study for Terrain Analysis
Objective: The objective of the workshop is to provide theoretical and practical training on the use of ArcGIS for various geomorphometric applications. The course aims at providing a balanced combination of theoretical and hands-on-software training. The attendants must have at least a basic GIS knowledge and should be familiar with ArcGIS / ArcView / ArcInfo at least partly. After completing the course, the course participants are expected to obtain sufficient knowledge to independently produce a DEM, generate primary and secondary terrain parameters, landform classifications and if time permits even error analysis.


ArcGIS from ESRI, a commercial GIS contains a huge amount of GIS functionality, which makes it a powerful tool for Raster and Vector analysis. Tools like Topogrid based on the ANUDEM implementation make the creation of hydrological correct DEMs quite straight forward, as well as the generation of TINs from different data sources. Large scale data sources can be processed and visualization into Web Mapping Services can be quite easily implemented as most of these functionalities are readily available. An disadvantage is certainly that some geomorphometric calculations are only available in indirect form or need to be programmed. We will work using a mixture of demonstrations as well as practical exercises using the ArcGIS Geomorphomerty Toolbox. Time will be reserved for computations of own datasets.

Software / materials: ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst licence
Case studies: see
Minimum number of participants: 5
Maximum number of participants: 15
Further inquiries: Tom.Hengl