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Dr T (Tom) Hengl
Digital Soil Mapping
+31 317 484199
Tomislav (Tom) Hengl is a senior research at ISRIC. Tom specializes in analysis of various environmental spatio-temporal data and develops automated tools for geo-processing large environmental datasets. He is currently the project leader of the Global Soil Information Facilities - ISRIC's initiative to build tools to facilitate global soil mapping activities. Tom is also vice-chair of the international research society Geomorphometry and the main moderator of the GEOSTAT Summer Schools on spatio-temporal analysis in R and open source GIS. He has edited a DEM data processing manual, an open access book on geostatistical mapping, and an open access book on scientific writing. Before coming to ISRIC he worked at, ITC, Enschede, University of Osijek in Croatia, JRC Ispra, Italy, and University of Amsterdam. Tom speaks English and Dutch. Personal page:
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Ir IJ (Ingrid) Haas Webmaster and programmer
Dr T (Tom) Hengl Digital Soil Mapping
Ir NH (Niels) Batjes Soils and Global Change; Head, World Data Centre for Soils
Stephan Mantel, Msc Sustainable land management, Head of World Soil Museum
Dr ZG (Zhanguo) Bai Soil and land degradation assessment and restoration
YGL (Yolanda) Karpes Secretariat
Ir JGB (Johan) Leenaars Soil legacy data officer, GlobalSoilMap.Net
Drs GWJ (Godert ) van Lynden Land, water and environmental management
Dr ir GBM (Gerard) Heuvelink Pedometrics and Digital Soil Mapping
L (Livija) Petrovic, Bsc Library
Dr ir B (Bas) Kempen Soil mapping
Dr JS (Jorge) Mendes de Jesus Programmer
T (Theo) Jacobs Photographer, Monolith preparation
PAM (Nellie) Roefs Library
Dr TM (Thomas) Caspari Soil/agricultural modeller
E. (Eloi) Ribeiro Geoinformatic
M (Maria) Ruiperez Gonzalez Msc Remote Sensing, GIS and Soil mapping
ir H (Rik) van den Bosch Director
Jan van Kleef Monolith preparation
FM (Fenny) van Egmond MSc Aquisition, Soil sensing
ir AJ (Andries) Bosma Business Developer