Library and map collection


Library and map collection

Do you need soil information for the Kilifi area, Zimbabwe, Asia or the whole world? The ISRIC library has built up a collection of around 8000 (digitized) maps and 15.000 reports and books; many of these materials can be accessed on-line.

Over the last 45 years, ISRIC - World Soil Information has compiled a large collection of articles, country reports, books and maps with emphasis on the developing countries. The subject emphasis is on soils, but related geographic information on climate, geology, geomorphology, vegetation, land use, and land suitability is also collated.

The map collection contains mainly small-scale (1:250.000 or smaller) maps. Many of these are accompanied by reports and related thematic and derived materials. A significant part of the ISRIC map collection was scanned at JRC as a foundation for the European Digital Archive of Soil Maps (EuDASM).

Metadata for all items in the collection can be queried using the online ISRIC World Soil Information Document Database;  searches can be by name of the author, title words, keywords or country names, using basic and advanced search options.

Some 80% of the maps are digitized and can be downloaded at high resolution and viewed on screen with a zoom facility. Over 30% of the country reports is currently available as full text (PDF). Scanning of ISRIC's library holdings is ongoing; new materials are always welcome.

The ISRIC World Soil Information Document Database also provides to links to external databases, national and international organizations, electronic books hosted by third parties, newsletters, journals, and reference materials related to soil science.

The collection is housed at Droevendaalsesteeg 3, 6708 PB, building 101 in Wageningen and is publicly accessible.