Soil and terrain database (SOTER) for South Africa (ver. 1.0)

SOTER units for South Africa

The Soil and Terrain database (SOTER) for South Africa, at scale 1:1 M, was compiled from the SOTER database for Southern Africa (SOTERSAF, 1:2 M) in the framework of the Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands (LADA, GLADA)  program.

The initial dataset was compiled by the Institute of Soil, Climate and Water (ISCW), Pretoria, in 2003 using the  SOTER  methodology. The SOTER database was restructured and the GIS files wer slightly modified by ISRIC, using the 90 m digital elevation model (DEM) derived from Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM, GIS procedures for mapping SOTER).

The spatial SOTER information is presented in ArcGIS9.2® and in ArcView3.3®  format, while the attribute data are given in tabular (MSAccess®) format.

Download report or dataset (ArcGIS9.2  or ArcView3.3)