Soil and Terrain database (SOTER) for Nepal

SOTER landforms, parent material and dominant soil units for Nepal


The Soil and Terrain database (SOTER) for Nepal, at scale 1:1 million, is a generalisation of Nepal's  Soil and Terrain database (1:50 000) compiled in 2004 by FAO and the Survey Department of Nepal.

ISRIC- World Soil Information compiled the database using the SOTER methodology. Much of the discrimination and characterization of the SOTER units is based on a former land system survey, complemented by data of the 90 m digital elevation model (DEM), derived from Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM, more).

The SOTER information is presented in ArcGIS9.3® and in ArcView 3.3®  format, while the attribute database is in tabular MSAccess® format.

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