Development of a soil and terrain database for Latin America and the Caribbean (SOTERLAC)

SOTER GIS-view for Latin America and the Caribbean

Version 2.0 of the  soil and terrain database for Latin America and the Caribbean (SOTERLAC), at 1:5 million scale, was compiled according to the uniform SOTER methodology. An example of SOTER soil profiles for Uruguay can be viewed in Google Earth
The update included changes in the soil profile and geographic data, which are now congruent to the Digital Chart of the World.
This data set supercedes version1.02, compiled in collaboration with FAO, CIAT and many regional experts.

The SOTER information is presented in shapefile format, while the attribute database is available in tabular Microsoft Access and SQlite format. An overview of the data layers is provided in an ESRI ArcGIS ArcMap document (.mxd) and in a Google Earth file (.kmz).

View the SOTER in Google Earth: click here.

[1993-1997; updated 2005]