Development of a soil and terrain database for Kenya (KENSOTER)

Polygons shown on the SOTER map for Kenya

Technical assistance with the compilation of  a 1:1M scale SOTER database for Kenya in collaboration with the Kenya Soil Survey; funded by UNEP.

The KENSOTER dataset, at scale 1:1 M, was compiled by the Kenya Soil Survey (KSS) and ISRIC according to the SOTER methodology;  version 2 now replaces version1.0. The update includes additional and new soil profile data, replacing synthethic profile data. Further, the geographic database was made congruent to the Digital Chart of the World (DCW).

The primary data (ver. 1.0) have been used for the assessment of water erosion risk (GEO1 Pilot Project).  Subsequently, SOTER and WISE-derived soil data for Kenya have been used for the assessment of soil carbon stocks and change  at national scale in the framework of the GEFSOC project..

The primary data (ver. 2.0) have recently been used for the Green Water Credit (GWC) programme in the Upper Tana River Valley.

The SOTER information is presented in shapefile format, while the attribute database is available in tabular Microsoft Access and SQlite format. An overview of the data layers is provided in an ESRI ArcGIS ArcMap document (.mxd) and in a Google Earth file (.kmz).

View the SOTER in Google Earth: click here.