Soil and terrain database for Central Africa (SOTERCAF)


The Soil and Terrain database for Central Africa (SOTERCAF, version 1.0), including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda, was compiled following the SOTER methodology within a collaborative activity of FAO and ISRIC World Soil Information.

Space Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) digital elevation data at 90 m resolution have been used to derive the different landform units and to generate terrain information. 

In collaboration with the Laboratory of Soil Science of the University of Ghent, the SOTERCAF database was further refined with lithological and soil information.

Low resolution information of the DR of Congo allowed a compilation only at scale 1:2 million, while the Burundi and Rwanda database were compiled at scale 1:1 million based on medium resolution maps.

The SOTER information is presented in shapefile format, while the attribute database is available in tabular Microsoft Access and SQlite format. An overview of the data layers is provided in an ESRI ArcGIS ArcMap document (.mxd) and in a Google Earth file (.kmz).

View the SOTER in Google Earth: click here.