NUFFIC Rwanda project

Teaching soil science in Rwanda
ISRIC contributed to the Development of a MSc programme in Agroforestry and Soil Management at the National University in Butare, Rwanda. The project helped build capacity for research, education and training in the field of agroforestry and soil management. The main outputs were an MSc programme in Agroforestry and Soil Management, and related activities to set up and maintain this programme in the future. These include the development of the curriculum, course preparations, specialized courses to train technical personnel, staff trainings, 4 sandwich PhD-students and 4 MSc students studying at Wageningen University, rehabilitate and equip of laboratories, instructional equipment and infrastructure in place and equip the library with relevant information. Dr Alfred Hartemink taught, annually, a course on Site and System Characterization. He also supervised a PhD student, jointly with Prof. Leo Stroosnijder of Wageningen University.